HubSpot Emergency Services

Are you a HubSpot user? Is your website using HubSpot as its Content Management System?

If so, there may be a time when you need emergency support. 

One moment it's all smooth sailing, the next you're up the creek without a paddle. So, what can you do?


Don't Panic

The Kingdom is Australia's leading HubSpot Diamond Certified Partner, and we are here to help whenever you need it.

We provide seven-day support for our customers and any HubSpot user that is having troubles.

If it all goes wrong and you don't know how to fix it, don't have a melt down - simply give us a call and we'll get on it for you. 


Websites Usually Only Ever Break When the Weekend Arrives

The last thing you want at the end of the working week is to be told that your website isn't working properly. Unfortunately, this is when it seems to happen the most!

It's Murphy's Law that come Friday night your website breaks.

How frustrating!

At The Kingdom, we appreciate that having your website operational all of the time is vitally important to your business. 

If something goes awry, simply text "emergency" to the following numbers

Adam Steinhardt

+61 418 790 355

Zaahn Johnson

+61 417 852 614


Once we've received your text, we will activate our teams as fast as we can to solve your problems.  


Emergency Support for Shopify

If you're a HubSpot user and are in retail, chances are you're using Shopify as well. So, what happens when there's a problem with Shopify?

At The Kingdom, we're Shopify Partners as well as HubSpot Diamond Partners. As such, we've got a deep knowledge of the platform and how to correct any errors. 

If your business is using Shopify with HubSpot then we can jump on and fix it, no problem. 

We help build your digital sales and marketing systems to get you more sales and higher profit using the HubSpot CRMFind out how much it costs to work with The Kingdom.

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