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The 7 Step Plan to turn your website into a profit-generating machine.

We guide you

with a successful plan to ensure your website becomes the powerhouse of your digital economy.

The Kingdom help busy marketing professionals build prestige websites with continuous improvement, so they get value and growth from their technology investment.

To help you do this we have taken our many years of experience and built a 7-step plan to guide you on the best way to get the most from your website. Select one or many of the available modules for website success.

Step 1: Appraise

Keep the best and improve the rest.  

No need to throw out the efforts of the past entirely on new design, chances are there is plenty that can be used in your digital ecosystem.

The appraisal process discovers what is working for your site, and areas of improvement. We learn from the well-performing technology and guide you on the best way to update your tech to make sure your goals are reached.

The Kingdom Build Websites

Step 2: Build

We migrate your website onto the latest, powerful automated sales and marketing technology. 

If you have HubSpot, we help you improve your use of the tool and get your HubSpot portal firing. 

Do you have Wordpress, Square Space, or some other website tech? We are able to integrate your existing tech with HubSpot to get it working with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

The Kingdom has extensive experience with complicated ERP, client-server and cloud-based integration for proprietary systems. 

The Kingdom website design services

Step 3: Polish

Strike fear into your opposition and banish website envy forever.

No longer spend time looking up your opposition for website inspiration. End envy forever with a dedicated polishing process that makes your website best of class. 

The Kingdom eCommerce Sales Amplification using Ecwid and Shopify

Step 4: Promote

Get more of the right traffic with smarter advertising investment.

We make your advertising spend more effective by creating targetted audiences using Facebook and Google. It takes time and knowledge to get the most out of the digital ad platforms.

We ensure your time is not wasted and our experience gets your message in front of the right people, more often. 



Step 5: Nurture

Capture prospects, and turn them into customers with clever funnel management.

We help companies challenged by the increased need for tech skills in marketing. For many businesses the digital world is high-paced, testing and is challenging their traditional marketing and sales teams.


Step 6: Sell

We build online stores that look stylish and convert.

If you are looking for difficult HubSpot enterprise deployments, conversion from Marketo, Pardot or Infusionsoft, or connection to eCommerce, we can help.

We are experts at connecting the HubSpot eCommerce Bridge with all eCommerce platforms. 

As Shopify and Ecwid eCommerce partners we can get the store you want, with the sales you need quickly.


Step 7: Report

Reporting for the board? Reporting for the team? Reporting for sales? We make sense for them all.

Reporting shouldn't have to take up hours of your valuable time, so we work closely with you to get the different reports that your stakeholders need. 

Reporting is complicated, different data from different programs make it hard for you to get control. Our expert team provide you with the numbers you need.

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“We help busy marketing professionals

build a prestige website with continuous improvement, so they get value and growth from their technology investment.”

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