International Recognition and Awards

Founded in 2006, HubSpot is an automated marketing platform that provides businesses the ability to integrate and maximise all of their inbound marketing efforts and increase their sales.

Chief Executive Office of The Kingdom Adam Steinhardt was introduced to the platform in 2014. With a background in digital sales and marketing, Steinhardt quickly recognised the opportunities inbound marketing and HubSpot provided for his agency’s clients.

Steinhardt worked quickly with his team to turn his traditional advertising agency into a HubSpot Certified Partner. Firstly by converting current clients and then rapidly building a new portfolio, all of whom recognised the brilliant advantage inbound marketing gave their business.

This growth in the last six months has been so incredible that The Kingdom received the International Rookie of the Year Award for the fastest growing newcomer outside of the USA.

Coupled with the recognition for growth is the even more sought after award International Partner of the Year, for the best HubSpot Certified Partner outside of the USA, which was also awarded to The Kingdom. 

HubSpot's Vice President of Sales, Pete Caputa said:

The Kingdom integrates inbound into every aspect of their business, marketing and mission. The Rookie of the Year and Partner of the Year Awards is a true testament to their success. Agencies everywhere can learn from their innovative tactics and impressive growth.

In light of this international recognition, Adam Steinhardt had this to say:

As a business owner and agency, we believe in this platform and how it can transform inbound marketing for our clients.

For more information, please contact Adam Steinhardt, 0418 790 355.

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