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Integrating HubSpot with Xero, Stripe, and HTML Custom Quotes.

The Kingdom integrated HubSpot with Arlo, WordPress, Ecwid, Stripe, Amazon Web Services, Moodle and Google Maps to create one powerful HubSpot CMS solution.

Client   The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

Over the past 80 years, Gowrie NSW has greatly contributed to the richness of early and middle childhood across NSW.

A non-profit-organisation founded in 1940, Gowrie NSW provides diverse education and care, family support and professional development services to the early and middle childhood sector across NSW and the ACT.

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Challenge   The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

Gowrie NSW sells course materials as well as courses served up to registrants via streaming services. Gowrie NSW also operates 33 different child care centres.

Gowrie NSW had accumulated SAAS platforms over the years.

Gowrie NSW was built on a WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, Mailchimp conglomeration, with the LMS Moodle serving course material. It required a manual process to process course registrations.

Courses set up on Moodle Cloud offered no control as there was no access to an API, and registrant had to be set up manually.

Marketing was virtually impossible as there was no one central store for contacts and the status of their engagement with the company was in disarray.

They sought consolidation of various technologies and monetized the various online tutorials, course material, and merchandise that they served up to the teaching community via Moodle.

They were looking for an integrated solution for their marketing, sales and CMS.

A new site design was committed to before the technology stack was chosen (this caused further challenge).

Gowrie NSW chose The Kingdom to deploy the HubSpot Growth Suite Pro and HubSpot CMS.


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The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner
The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

Solution   The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

Gowrie was using a Frankenstack of technologies, but there was no communication between these technologies.

The Kingdom team moved Gowrie to HubSpot to address their CMS and CRM needs, helping them combine all their website portals into one.

First, The Kingdom migrated all the website pages from Joomla into WordPress and then WordPress into HubSpot.

We deployed the Arlo Education eCommerce gateway software and connected it to a new Moodle Server hosted on AWS.

The Arlo eCommerce software was embedded into the HubSpot CMS to perform the purchase and subsequent registration of customers' courses. All the courses and commerce operations have data transacting between HubSpot and Arlo.

Arlo is connected to the HubSpot eCommerce Bridge to allow complete data updating of the HubSpot CRM, Deals, Activities and Contacts.

Moodle and Arlo registration was all connected by API to allow one seamless login for the process.

Moodle courses were streamed by another new AWS server, using Big Blue Button streaming software. The Kingdom connected all of this.

Amazon SES was used for transactional email sending from Moodle.

For Gowrie's merchandise eCommerce store, Arlo was not suitable, so The Kingdom team deployed the Ecwid e-commerce platform and integrated an entire store within the HubSpot CMS. Two different eCommerce stores run in harmony.

We used the Google Maps API, powered by HubDB, to provide a "nearest location" map solution for centre location searching.

We used APIs to connect to Arlo and HubSpot to unify the searching process of the entire site. Courses and site content can be searched in harmony.

The Kingdom built a mega navigation menu to ensure site exploration is easy.

The Kingdom had to create over 20 different templates and multiple different modules to cater to the complex design that was pre-approved before the tech-stack was chosen. This was a challenge in its own right.

Our content curation teams migrated all the data from all the legacy software platforms for a seamless turnkey solution for the client.

Our HubSpot Growth Specialists trained the staff on how to use the solution.

A 'One Domain Solution' built using the HubSpot CMS powered by the HubSpot Growth Suite

The Kingdom HubSpot Impact Award Winner
The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner
The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner
The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

Results   The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

One website for all operations has had an enormous boost to productivity. Hundreds of hours have been saved.

Gowrie NSW has deployed the admin staff previously required to maintain the former mess to perform marketing activities and content creation.

Website traffic has doubled in the first six months of launch, despite the impact of COVID.

Sales are up across both stores.

Gowrie NSW self-manages their site and no longer needs external IT to support their online website revenue streams.


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The Kingdom HubSpot Diamond Partner


The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

Impact   The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

Gowrie now had unified means of overseeing their marketing, sales and services through smart integration with tools that worked with them and not against them.

Hundreds of hours have been saved in the months since deployment.

The Gowrie team measured their success in high productivity, better access to marketing, improved course upgradation, and ease of updating the website.

Customers have one unified platform and do not realize the multiple tech layers exist.






Increase in
online conversion


Increase in the sales


Increase in page views


The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner
The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner
The Kingdom HubSpot Partner.

From The Client   The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner


Complex multi-system integration:

Adam and the guys at The Kingdom have given us loads of time and advice helping us pull together a bespoke solution integrating HubSpot, Arlo, Moodle and Ecwid. We now have a world-class system that enables automation and turns our online presence from a website to a sophisticated tool for our customers to interact with our business. They have been great to work with, nothing seems to be a problem. Would recommend.
- Brent