How To Perform Your Own Website Audit

The Digital economy continues to boom. You need your website to be at its very best to maximize your sales opportunities.


When was the last time your business updated or audited your website? Many websites are frozen in time after the original design was completed. Websites should be organic, always going through a process of improvement and iteration to match that of the needs of the market.

It's surprisingly easy to kick start the process of improving your website. It only takes a 30-minute team meeting to polish up your website. Get your employees to think like prospects and go through your site, as if they were buying your product.  Stepping into the shoes of your prospect changes your perspective.

Many businesses spend plenty of time trying to impress prospects talking all about themselves. It's a throwback to the '90s before the internet when marketing was all about trying to create top of mind recognition and scream loudly, "how great they are," to get attention.

With the competition of the internet and the ease prospects have of comparing your goods and services, your website needs to show what you sell and how you help your future customer. The buying journey is a journey of trust; the more your prospect trust you, the more likely they are to reach out to you and press that magic 'Contact Us' button.

Having your team act as a customer, we bet will generate at least 20 great ideas. It may only take 30 minutes to analyze and view your website together in a group environment where everyone is free to talk.

Quickly, you have a to-do list of tasks that will bring your website closer to matching that of the needs and desires of the prospect.

The alternative? Have a specialist agency audit your website. The Kingdom does free website audits.

The Kingdom has many hours of experience of looking at the success of many different websites and their failings.

The obvious question is, why are we doing website audits free? We are a business, not a charity so how do we make money? It's a legitimate question.

The answer is strong though, from experience, we know that our findings will be powerful, and in most cases, worth the investment to make the recommended changes. You might consider it a sales pitch, but when we deliver upwards of 20-30 recommended changes, the knowledge does the selling.

It's rare for a customer to get a free audit and not see the value, so we are happy to help your business.

Go ahead. Put us to the test and reap the benefits for your website.


We help busy marketing professionals build HubSpot websites with continuous improvement to get value and growth from their technology investment. Find out what HubSpot is used for and make a difference to your sales and marketing.

Get 5 Website Ideas in 5 Minutes

Get 5 Website Ideas in 5 Minutes

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A quick summary of The Kingdom services


Website design
We build personalised, responsive websites using HubSpot that interest your prospects and turn them into sales leads.

Automated Marketing
The Kingdom programs your HubSpot portal to produce automated marketing lead generation.

Content Marketing
Our innovative team creates engaging blogs, Videos, eBooks, Podcasts, and website pages to get your business engagement.

Social Media Management
We throw petrol on your content fire with social media tactics that ignite web traffic.

Inbound Marketing
We lead nurture your prospects down the sales funnel using your website and interesting and appropriate content that converts them to customers.

eCommerce and HubSpot
As Shopify Partners, and Ecwid Partners we are eCommerce experts. We integrate these platforms into HubSpot using the HubSpot eCommerce Gateway APIs

HubSpot API Integration with 3rd party apps
We integrate your legacy applications with HubSpot using the comprehensive HubSpot API libraries, PHP and JSON coding.

Outsourced marketing for your business
We provide a comprehensive outsourced marketing department for your business.

App Development
We create custom solutions for your HubSpot deployments using Zapier, Python, JSON, Mongo DB, Node JS.

Custom Quoting Systems
Using FileMaker Pro we are able to build you a custom quoting system that connects with HubSpot and your existing systems.


Get 5 Ideas in 5 Minutes