9 Points To Help You Understand HubSpot

 is an investment, the child of marketing and information technology.  

As such, it is a complicated and powerful computer program for people who typically are not of the age of the computer generation.

This can make the decision-making process difficult, particularly if the conversation is centred around the technology and how it works.

In our discussion about the stages of HubSpot, usually the conversation with the decision makers is the third or fourth meeting that the champion of the process would have had.

By then, the champion has a strong understanding of the direction and power of how HubSpot works. They understand how the solution is going to work for the business to the extent where they are determined to present, and hopefully get the approval for the HubSpot implementation from the decision makers.

The challenges of presenting HubSpot is that the same people who are empowered to make the decisions usually don't have the knowledge of the solution of which they are judging. This means it can be hard to get the decision that the champion wants.

So here are some tactics to assist you with getting the appreciation of HubSpot.

Focus on the goals of the company and the growth targets

HubSpot and inbound marketing have a remarkable track record of growth. Content marketing, globally, has many case studies showing the power of its bridge.

If the company wishes to drive sales by 30%, then HubSpot can do this, but the focus on the smarter use of time costs of old-fashioned sales processes are very high and not always easy appreciated.

So much time is wasted with old-fashioned sales techniques that are not quantifiable. Excessive human resources which are very expensive resources, sales management time procedure, Asian staff training; many things make up the ineffective outbound processes that are becoming less and less powerful as the internet continues its rich and global domination. 

The Kingdom HubSpot Partners.

HubSpot provides efficiency

This allows key gun sales people to go from qualified meeting to qualified meeting with a much higher closing rate. Time wasted on meetings that are not relevant simply does not exist using HubSpot.

Are you preparing for the future generations that do not transact the way the older generations do?

The Millennials are coming. They use computer technology exclusively. They are using social media, YouTube, and the internet as their primary source of operation; they do not know about cold calling and do not have any interest in pushy sale ploys.

Is your business able and ready to communicate?

With disruptive technology evolving all the time, HubSpot gives you a competitive advantage and rescue from future challenges by not being nimble enough for future generations.

Outbound marketing

Above the line marketing methods are dated, and in our experience of talking to too many businesses over the years, we have watched those methods become less and less relevant. As a result, we now see really good marketing programs that are having success with their investment.

Traditional marketing is broken - HubSpot is the way of the future.

Often we are asked to provide references and example sites in Australia, or in a particular industry, that is relevant to the company. This is often hard to do as in Australia you are purchasing a competitive advantage because it is a very new platform.

HubSpot has only been in Australia for a year. In that time, they have quickly evolved, tripling their support team here from the start-up of eight people through now to 30 and they are constantly growing.  


HubSpot is a highly progressive automated marketing tool.

They have listed recently on the Wall Street NASDAQ stock exchange and are going gangbusters, their stock doubling in 12 months. This is because the financial world completely respects, and it is rewarding, their direction and as it went station off the business plan. If it were not a good product then their share price would collapse.


The HubSpot platform is highly secured, hosted by global server powerhouses. The company provides exclusive and large amounts of resources to educate and train all parties that are involved in the HubSpot process.
They are big players - well resourced and cashed up after their flight, and providing legitimate innovative solutions on a daily basis.

The dealer network

There are two a half thousand value added certified partners around the world. Australia has now over 80. This process of certification occurs every 13 months for the reseller channel to ensure that our standards are of the highest nature. The training extends all the way from the platform through to the customer management process.

The investment

The investment required for HubSpot will in most cases pay back quickly. We focus on getting results as fast as possible, using our grow sales fast business platform to ensure that you get cash flow happening quickly.
We seek to attack the low hanging fruit of your business, so the monthly retainers are exceeded through sales and productivity gains quickly.

Our business works very hard to ensure your success. For more information on how to convert your boss into a HubSpot enthusiast, click here

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