On May 13th, 2015 The Kingdom hosted its “Content is Fire, Social is Petrol” seminar.

The event was sold out and was filled with professionals seeking to grow their business through the power of inbound marketing.

The Kingdom CEO, Adam Steinhardt presents Content is Fire, Social is Petrol.

This gripping 90-minute content marketing presentation was enjoyable, educational and fun for all that attended.

 85% of attendees rated it a 5-star performance, the other 15% 4 stars, without exception

 Watch the above video to discover:
  1. The benefit of great content and how it makes your future customer love you.
  2. What is inbound marketing and how it works.
  3. Grow Sales Fast with Hub and Spoke publishing.
  4. Why you need to get started on your blog right now.
  5. Why you need to use social media.
  6. Which social media platforms make your content ignite.
  7. How to track and use analytics to make the bean counters happy.
  8. The power of repurposing


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