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Victoria Garcia

"I am driven by Innovation, Knowledge, and Growth. I care about Human Development, Positive Change & Impact".

"I thrive when working with teams building creative projects that will impact positively society, growth and have fun in the process. Yoga & Meditation, my flow"


Victoria Garcia Project Manager The Kingdom


I really enjoy working on projects related to Marketing Strategies & Automation, also very passionate about talent management. I worked in North, South America, Europe, & Asia doing Digital Marketing in different fields.

I grew up in Bogota, Colombia, as soon as I graduated I got the opportunity to fly out to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to work for one of the best Publishing Companies worldwide, in the personal growth Industry. Here I started to get involved with the Digital Marketing World. Started as a Customer Success Manager, providing operational support as well as developing new processes through ongoing work, defect resolution, and solutions. Also doing community management and product improvements.  

I also joined the Content Creation Team, as Project Manager, coordinating projects of different Authors growing their brands. Working with cross-functional teams, we connect personal growth authors and their products with the Internet generation through new media platforms like video, mobile apps and social networks.

“I love to work with game-changers, people creating impact, dedicating their lives to make a difference”

My experience is in managing digital marketing & automation projects using HubSpot and various apps, also managing different website projects for a variety of clients in different industries and countries like the USA, Australia, England and others.

On the other hand, I love working with teams, I created a Career Program to manage Career Growth, People & Culture, building strategies to better process engagement and growth. 

Across my career, I’ve held positions in communities, public relations, customer success experience, content management, project and talent management. Through it all, I’ve realized that I’m happiest working with brilliant people, game-changers creating impact, dedicating their lives to make a difference.


  • To become a great Marketing Consultant also means to be fully certified HupSpot™ and Google certifications
  • Helping great businesses succeed 
  • To ensure high quality of project deliverables 
  • Managing projects with the best methodologies, Agile Scrum Master
  • Keep up to date with Digital and Online Marketing trends and technologies 
  • To become a great writer and public speaker

Fun Facts

  • A lifestyle designer, Coach, and Yoga Teacher
  • Big fan of neuroscience
  • Enjoy Personal Growth chats
  • Love languages and speak a few: Spanish, English, French, and Italian. 
  • Passionate about travelling, I want to see the world
  • 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Tantra and Vinyasa. 
  • ACC Certified Coach but most importantly, I had fun creating and designing programs with Yoga, Meditation and personal development, Culture and Well-being in organizations.
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