The Kingdom's Service and Support offered

The Weekly Report

The Kingdom provides a weekly report of all activity for our customers. Included in that report is an analysis of the relevant stats that come out of your HubSpot portal. We perform many digital marketing actions for your business and like to keep you up to speed with that activity. We move quickly, determined to get results for you, so we like to keep you up to date.

The Phone

We like to speak to you, so we use the phone a lot. Our goal is to speak to you at least 3 to 5 times a week as a minimum. We are in constant communication with you about the evolution of your inbound marketing strategy.

The Monthly User Groups

We have a monthly KEGS. This acronym stands for Kingdom Excitement Group Session. It's an informal gathering, where we go through the many impressive features of HubSpot. The group is a great way to learn about your real day-to-day challenges, and the solutions we can provide. We also hope that you meet new business opportunities within our client group.

Being a HubSpot Platinum Certified Partner Helps You

The HubSpot support network is exceptionally strong. As a Platinum Certified Partner, we have access to remarkable resources. HubSpot is a world-leading content creating company, and has answers for just about everything. We have dedicated account managers and tech support people available to us 24/7.
Tech support time turnaround is quick. We're talking minutes, not hours.

Specialised Outbound Tech Support

We can confidently say we provide exceptional computer skills, through many years of working experience as Zaahn Johnson was the first employee at Next Byte who worked with Adam Steinhardt.
We offer outbound services for many IT problems. While it is not our core business, we are in the business of getting you operational and up to speed with marketing and technology. We help to solve computer issues related to the operation of HubSpot and your marketing.

Workshops and Seminars

We are available to present at workshops and seminars that you hold. If you would like us to present a session at your staff breakout conferences, we are always happy to help.

Training Services

We're happy to come to you to train your staff in your environment, or in our well-equipped studio. It is all part of the service. The Kingdom team are all trained to be customer facing.

Boardroom, Hot Desk and Function Facilities

We have a fantastic studio in Rundle Street. You are always welcome here. We offer hot-desking. Any time you or your staff have a need for meeting rooms or our boardroom for presentations, you are more than welcome.
We appreciate that business is challenging in today's day and age. We do everything possible to make your life easier. If there are any questions you might have, please feel welcome to touch base.