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Haydn Trigg

I’m a Software Developer and life-absorbed computer nerd. I have a passion for everything tech and enjoy spending my time writing all kinds of computer software.


I am an enthusiastic coder by day, writing neat and comprehensive solutions for our clients. I have a lot of experience working in a team environment and I try my best to have an answer for any occasion on any subject.

I have experience in a range of programming languages and types such as low level (C++ and Assembly), high level (C# and Java), full stack (Node.JS and Javascript), backend (PHP and SQL), and frontend (HTML and CSS).

I am passionate about my work and have experience in website development across many platforms. As a self-proclaimed computer nerd, I am always working hard and expanding my knowledge.

How I Help You

My knack for problem solving and a keen eye for detail allows me to spot client’s problems and create solutions quickly for a wide range of issues. My skills teamed with the innovative HubSpot automated sales and marketing software platform allows me to create remarkable, lead generating websites. I can also create custom API integrations, connecting practically any platform with HubSpot in order to give you the most convenience, as well as the best return on your investment. 

Interesting Facts

  • I walk to work every single day as often as physically possible
  • I have been programming computers since I was 5 years’ old
  • I am an avid cook
  • I like cats (I’m a Leo)
  • I believe that the Disdyakis triacontahedron is superior to the hexagon

HubSpot Certifications

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