Get a Free Appraisal on Your Website

You have qualified... now it's time to start the audit.

Here is what our High-Performance Digital Marketing Assessment is going to do for you

1. The Sources Report from HubSpot

We insert a tracking code in your website and harvest 2 weeks worth of sources data. This shows specifically where your website traffic is coming from, including a comprehensive breakdown on your social media effectiveness.

2. We track your top 500 keywords.

We harvest keywords related to your domain, then produce a report using HubSpot to show how many you have in the search top 3, top 10 and the traffic you are getting from organic search. 

3. We rank your website out of 100.

Using the powerful WooRank tool, we rank your website, producing a 15 page report on its effectiveness. This shows where your website is weak and where it is strong.

4. We run a website assessment, grading you against your competition.

Using HubSpot, we take up to 5 of your competitors and rank them against you. This gives you an understanding of where you sit in the overall rankings.

5. We run a Rival IQ report on your social media and your 5 competitors. 

Rival IQ provides remarkable insights into your social media performance, and also that of your competitors. We run the report that shows how you are performing in all areas of social. 

6. We meet to discuss.

After 2 weeks, once the assessment is completed, we meet with you to discuss your results.