They say 50% of advertising works, but nobody knows which 50%

Thankfully, HubSpot provides us with many scientific ways to test and evaluate the performance of your content. This week on ClubSpot, Zaahn Johnson and Adam Steinhardt will show you how to make the most of HubSpot’s many prominent and not so apparent testing features.

Tune in to the weekly ClubSpot show, the last episode for 2020, and unlock more power from your HubSpot sales and marketing investment.

Your Hosts from The Kingdom

ClubSpot Webinar The Kingdom

Zaahn Johnson

VP of Operations, The Kingdom

ClubSpot The Kingdom Adam

Adam Steinhardt

CEO, The Kingdom

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Friday 18th December 2020
10AM Sydney, AUS

Thursday 17th December 2020
 New York, USA

Thursday 17th December 2020
11PM London, UK