About   Vector 7@2x

A Designer turned Content Curator for The Kingdom. I work hard to always be keeping myself busy, finding new projects, and exploring new spaces. I confront every task I'm given as a problem solver and from the philosophy that everything is a story that the reader is interpreting. 



With everything we do, there are thousands of potential answers with thousands of reasons each to follow through with them. It's our job to find the one that in the end will be the best for our clients.


Background   Vector 7@2x

Born in 1999 at the cusp of the Millenium, my school life was defined by pushing myself to greater and greater heights, taking accelerated courses in both high school and university that lead to me attaining my Bachelors of Media Design at the age of 19. 

Before coming to work at The Kingdom, I worked primarily as a freelancer, helping organizations and people to establish their brand and create effective stories. Working with companies like Catena Media, SA Water, and The University of Adelaide, I've had the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to create engaging and successful content, assets, and campaigns. 

How I Help You   Vector 7@2x

As Content Curator, my job is to build content for your brand that helps you to attract qualified customers, as well as to enrich existing content to help you turn visitors into leads. With experience under my belt as a Designer, Social Media Manager, and Marketer for organizations of every size and industry, I work to find the best solution for your company.

Through the creation and sharing of evergreen content to help potential customers gain awareness of your company matched with rich and engaging content to help them build trust with your brand, my job is to give you the tools you need to find high-quality leads.

Kingdom Goals  Vector 7@2x

  • Discover new and innovative ways to help people and organizations to find the customers that want their product.
  • Solve problems that at the time seemed unsolvable.
  • Attain a deeper pool of knowledge to help me solve even more difficult problems as they arise in the future. 

Interesting Tidbits   Line-white

  • I'm a big fan of mystery and psychological horror.
  • If I have the chance, I am probably listening to a podcast.
  • I wrote a fantasy novel when I was 12 (It was terrible).
  • I'm never without a personal project, I used to write a webcomic, now I'm working on a TRPG.
  • Despite my accent, I am not American.


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