The Kingdom Live: The Epic EPL Fail by Optus, What can we learn?

This edition of Facebook live examines how Optus have made a mess forcing us to buy their product to see the 2016/17 EPL season. What can you learn?

As a keen football fan, (football being soccer) like many others I'm angered by the way Optus has gone about their method of serving their exclusive rights to the English Premiere League in 2016/17. 

In summary, Optus have bought content which we value, the EPL, but forced us as consumers to use their network to view it. I'm happy to pay for the content, but not impressed at all at having to change all my broadband or mobile infrastructure to view it. Optus, are you a content provider or an infrastructure to getting the content? 

In this edition of The Kingdom Live, we discuss why this is such a massive fail and what can be learned in business because of it.

There is such a better way to do this which could have built goodwill, rather than anger people. There are plenty of lessons for everyone in this episode.

We strongly recommend reading our blog about the Sales Funnel Explained to appreciate why Optus screwed up so badly.



Adam Steinhardt - Chief Executive Officer