Spelling Bee: Why our Children are Better Speller's Than We Are


Have you ever feared that your children may be smarter than you? Is that even possible? Well, in terms of spelling, yes that could be the case. 

There is a new TV show coming out soon, ‘Spelling Bee’, where children as young as 8 will be attempting to spell supercalifragilisticexpiaIidocious, which is a word that most adults would struggle to say, let alone spell.

I feel a family competition coming on.

I didn’t think I’d see the day that parents would vs their children in a spelling bee. Are kids getting smarter, or has teaching changed and our kids are better educated on spelling? Or, as adults are we simply used to the luxury of being able to use the current apps and online dictionaries to correct our spelling?

How can we compete with our kids when they are coming home from school being able to spell camouflage and kaleidoscope back to front?

We just turn to technology and use the resources at our fingertips, we have compiled the top 3 tips to help you beat the kids in the family spelling bee.


Here are 3 tips to help you out!

Spell Check

That squiggly little red line under words - hover over that and see what it suggests for you.

Grammarly App

A proofreader, the best writing tool available for you on the internet; we love it! Check it out here, it gives you grammatical suggestions along the way. You will also get a monthly email informing you of how many errors you were saved from.

You can type your text straight into Grammarly, it will save your posts in the cloud so they are always there for you to refer back to.

Hemingway App

When reading a blog or an article that has been written in such a convoluted way, it’s easy to lose interest. Statistics shows that writing pitched to the level of a Year 7 is the most read - so don't get carried away with trying to be fancy. Check it out here, it coaches you along the way and explains why some sentences are hard to read.