Is Google + now better than Facebook?

Google+ just underwent a new Unification Interface Overhaul. Because everything in marketing has an acronym, I'm going to call it a UIO. It sounds amazing and complicated. Actually, what it did was unify the very easy-to-use and enjoyable mobile platform with the sometimes quirky and awkward desktop environment.

This is a great move and long overdue.

Google + is underated, but why?

The Kingdom have long been fans of Google+. We have been getting extraordinary traction with our content for months now. It does surprise people as most people don't rate Google+. It seems underappreciated.

So what is it about Google+ that we love?

Why is it flying under the radar, playing poor cousin to the popular Facebook platform? Google+ should be more appreciated, especially when you take a second to remember Google+ is owned by Google.

Google owns the number one search engine in the world and the number two search engine in the world, YouTube.

The search algorithm is top secret, but you would have to think that Google+ gets a more favourable hearing than their cross-town rival, Facebook.

It's a logical leap that if you are active and dynamic on Google+ that is going to help your Google search algorithm ranking.

What makes Google+ so attractive?

Either way, it comes down to one simple thing. Google+ is not restricting the content that is posted by your business. Facebook does.

Facebook simply does not do organic reach these days. For example, if we post an article to 1000 fans on Facebook, we will be lucky if 5 people see that post. On Google+, your post is seen by everyone.

Organic reach made social media popular. It made Facebook great, but now Facebook is a pay-to-play platform and has been enjoying an overrated honeymoon for too long. The number of businesses that are obsessed with Facebook Likes is scary and unjustified now that it is pay-to-play. 

Just because you have likes in your social life on Facebook, does not make them powerful in the business world. 

The unstoppable addictive quest to get Facebook fans is very 2010.

In 2015, there is little point having Facebook fans, as you are going to have to pay to communicate to them anyway, and frankly, there are better ways to target your market. 

Facebook's advertising engine is worthy of praise. It's very effective, particularly when you start working with audience remarketing strategies. 

But on Google+, if you have 100 fans, 100 will see your story. This means you get far greater traction, even if you may have fewer fans.

Because you can't pay to get followers, it means that you have to grow your Google+ fan base organically. Quality content is really important. Google + requires your content to be worthy of a Plus. By being able to buy likes on Facebook, you don't have to get fans based on the quality of your content. This creates content on Facebook motivated by like bating, not relevant content. 

Google powers Android

Google+ has power as it is an installed cornerstone on the Android operating system. This means it comes loaded on Android phones. It stands to reason there is a huge installed base that has interactivity between Google+ platform, photos and content stored natively on Android devices.

It's easier to read Google+

The Google+ mobile interface is elegant and easy-to-read. Attaching higher importance to your cool photo and headline rather than the comments. 

Comments are distracting on Facebook and an annoying cause of time-wasting reading rubbish.

With Google+ you can skim read the stories, then easily click on links to the most interesting stories that captures attention. 

The content is the priority, not the distracting comments.

Google+ drives traffic to your website

Because of HubSpot Sources app, we can see who is coming to our website. As such, we quickly learned that Google+ is an outstanding driver of traffic. It's one of the first things we look for when analysing a HubSpot customers portal. Google+ works for your website. 

It's about link clicks to your website, not likes

Don't be disconcerted if your plus one count is not high. All of your social media should have links back to your website. It’s not all about the likes and plus ones. It’s about converting traffic back to your website. Once you make that connection you won’t look back. Google+ is riding a new wave, maybe to the top - it's time you joined them. 

So, with the new interface on desktop matching the cool mobile interface, I reckon it is time to mount a case that Google+ is better than Facebook. Either way, the battle is not over for social media supremacy.