Why I think Game of Thrones is Rumpy-Pumpy Porn for D&D Nerds - Mel Greig


Hey, it's Mel Greig here from The Kingdom.

I attempted to get into Game of Thrones, I watched two episodes and couldn’t get any further. I had determined that it was just in fact PORN for NERDS, don’t get me wrong I love watching a bit of rumpy-pumpy but I don’t like watching rumpy-pumpy followed by a beheading and a flying dragon.

But I want to understand, my husband is obsessed (and not just for the boobs), people at my new job are obsessed. . . my Facebook feed was left with gasps of shock and frustration after last night's season finale. I have called upon my workmates at The Kingdom to better educate me on the phenomenon that is GoT.

Steve: There are no rules, fans are constantly shocked and it doesn’t matter if the character is your favourite . . . there’s a good chance they’ll be killed off if George (the author) feels like it.

Tanya: I forced myself to watch Season 1, but I found it too gruesome, I prefer to watch the Kardashians . . . if they can convince Kim to do an episode I’d totally watch it again.

Kris: I don’t watch it, but I can tell you that it’s about a throne and has lots of boobs.

Right. I’m not very convinced at this point, why exactly do people watch it? What keeps people hooked? How do they get through the brutality and magical dragons and eggs? The biggest GoT fan in the office is about to put it all into perspective.

It is so much deeper than “porn for nerds” (please note that I am maturely ignoring the opportunity to use innuendo here) This is an epic saga with insane story lines. It’s a commentary on the deviant nature of humanity. The author George R. R. Martin lures you into a false sense of security; you’ll be watching a scene that appears to be unfolding normally and BOOM, he pulls the rug out from under you and leaves you in shock.

- Alex Donovan, Copywriter 

Steve: They take you where mainstream TV doesn’t.

So what exactly happened in last night’s finale that has left everyone in frustration and gagging for next season?

Alex: That cannot be discussed until everyone has seen the finale.

Mel: But is it as bad as McDreamy being killed off on Grey’s Anatomy?

Alex: He dies?

Mel: We can’t be friends anymore.

I do love a good storyline and maybe I didn’t give it enough time by only watching two episodes, I do understand Game of Thrones more now and it’s not just Porn for Nerds. After being educated by a GOT fanatic . . It’s Porn, Violence and Epic Storylines for all.  

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