8 innovative ways to save Volkswagen


Volkswagen is in series trouble. Faking test results to be a market leader in diesel fuel efficiency is not a great idea. Fear not because The Kingdom team have put their heads together and have come up with the solutions to fix the problems. All based on a $77 Billion budget they are about to lose of course.

The DeLorean Fix

Invest in research and development in order to develop a real-life, working version of Back To The Future's DeLorean, and then go back in time to reverse the deception in the first place. Total madness, but $77 billion can do many things.

The Health Fix

Build a new hospital in every continent of the world and make it a world leader in respiratory research and diseases.

The Spin Fix

Hire a crack team of social media wizards to make sure that every story and tweet on the internet is answered with an apology.

The TV Show Fix

Create a reality TV show out of the forensic investigation. Hire a leading documentary maker and Blab/Periscope/ YouTube it to the world.

The (Poor) Customer Fix

Trade in the defect cars and give an upgrade to all of the cars with a new +$10k program. Give every affected owner a new (non-diesel) Audi, Skoda or VW of their own choice. Combine this with a deal with an electric or hybrid supplier to give customers a clean energy car if they choose.

The Buy Back Fix

Take the defected cars and purchase BMW engines and put them in the diesel cars, then sell them at all back to the world at a discounted price.

The Sorry Park Fix

In Los Angeles, buy a huge parcel of land and build a world-class park. Call it the "VW Apology Park." Then buy everyone a horse.

The Comeback Fix

Abandon all diesel technology forever (let's face it they are never going to sell another) and repurpose all skills into electric cars and renewable energy engines and become truly green.

We wonder how they will respond.... stay tuned!