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Mia Kyrikos

“I believe that solutions don’t need to be complex to be brilliant, which is why I believe in the power of HubSpot.”

With a background in digital and social media marketing, I have developed an acute understanding of business frameworks and strategic development.




I have previously led teams for internal and external stakeholders across key client accounts, as well as being primarily responsible for coordinating resources, building strategic operational plans & ensuring client expectations are not only met but exceeded. 

In saying this, my experience hasn’t been limited to these confines. I am someone who has always been a tool of many trades, and over the past five years, I have also garnered immense experience in copywriting, public relations, content creation and content strategy. Some of the clients I have worked with previously include Destination NSW, Redbull, Dropbox, UBank, Taronga Conservation Society & Southern Comfort.

At heart, I am a salesperson. I have previously held roles in retail management and online e-commerce buying. This experience has developed my understanding of consumer behaviour extensively. As such, I can help you explore your big ideas and create solutions for complex issues, from customer experience to consumer psychology.

"My passion is working with businesses to achieve their goals. I also believe that solutions don’t need to be complex to be brilliant, which is why I believe in the power of HubSpot."

Joining The Kingdom, I have been able to marry these two beliefs together, and work with people who believe the same.

We focus on maximising the ROI for your business, producing exceptional content, driving strategic development and bringing you business solutions that will ensure success. For me, these ideals are invaluable.

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