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Do you need help with HubSpot on-boarding?

HubSpot is a huge tool - powerful and dynamic when set up correctly. It can take some effort to ensure you are ready to go.

The Kingdom HubSpot on-boarding services assist you in getting your HubSpot portal firing. Get going in just 48 hours at a price cheaper than HubSpot.

The Kingdom team have set up over 50 portals and know the powerful ways to get you started with HubSpot Sales, Marketing or Service.

For $895 you will receive the following:

  • Invite your team to your HubSpot portal
  • Review and get familiar with your Account Dashboard
  • Connect your social accounts in HubSpot
  • Set up your Analytics tools
  • Confirm your target domain
  • Confirm time zone
  • Install HubSpot tracking code to your website
  • Filter out internal IP addresses
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Connect your Ads Accounts in HubSpot
  • Set up your Content tools
  • Connect your subdomains
  • Add an email sending domain
  • Upload your logo and favicon
  • Define your physical address and email types
  • Configure your blog settings
  • Import your blog posts
  • Review and connect with all applicable integrations
  • Set up your Contacts tools
  • Import contacts into HubSpot
  • Replace your existing forms with HubSpot forms
  • Capture leads with Pop-up Forms
  • Review and go live with your templates
  • Take your blog live
  • Get familiar with all your HubSpot product add-ons
  • Subscribe to the HubSpot User Blog
The Kingdom 895 HubSpot Onboarding
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