About   Vector 7@2x

I love working with like-minded humans, and turn ideas into reality, all while keeping the banter going. I am very versatile and never run away from work. Tech is my hobby, my work is tech so I love that I can do my hobby for a living.




I've worked in various jobs and industries before and I have only resigned once, to join The Kingdom. I am confident that anyone that has worked closely with me in the past will have only positive things to say.


Background   Vector 7@2x

I have been to Australia a few times for holidays, the first time being in 2002. The last vacation in 2018 and I decided to turn it into a much bigger move. I enrolled and studied a Bachelor of IT(Mobile apps development) at AIT Melbourne, finishing it in record time with exceptional results and a handful of technologies under my belt.

While studying I got hired by the same institute to help out with events and some sales calls in a very casual position. That casual position turned into a full-time role as a Domestic Student Enrolment Advisor at Coder Academy and AIT, which is a bit ironic given that I was an International student myself.

Before my Aussie move and where I spent most of my life, Macedonia, I worked in a truck transportation family business as an all-rounder, managed a small tourist agency, worked as a sales agent for an electricity company and last but not least I worked remotely as a software project manager for a company based in London managing teams of sales, developers and tech support all over the globe. This was the springboard that diverted me into the world of tech and made me take up software development.

Kingdom Goals   Vector 7@2x

  • Grow as a developer and a professional while learning more and more every day
  • Build amazing web solutions for people and businesses, not just boring websites
  • To create the best possible work environment and connections along the way

Tech stacks and Softwares   Vector 7@2x

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • ReactJS, ExpressJS, React Native
  • NodeJS, C#, .NET, Objective-C, Java
  • Android, iOS
  • Hubspot, WordPress, G-Suite
  • SQL, MongoDB, AWS

Interesting tidbits   Line-white

  • I am originally from Bitola, Macedonia
  • I love to travel. South and North America are places I have not seen yet but would love to visit one day.
  • I like watching TV shows. So far I have spent 6 months 22 days 9 hours watching or about 7000 episodes. Yes I have an app for tracking that.
  • I love baby cucumbers. Scratch that I love cucumbers in general. Cucumbers are life!
  • Forza Milan!

Becoming a HubSpot Developer   Vector 7@2x

I ran into HubSpot in 2019 and saw the potential of it instantly. My previous company was using the bare minimum that one can use, so that is where I stepped in. Even though I was a sales person, I was also the go-to person for all things HubSpot.
After 2+ years working with HubSpot and studying software development, it came natural to me that those worlds should collide. So it is my mission to become the best HubSpot Developer that I can be.
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