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About   Vector 7@2x

I believe in simplicity and always try to deliver quality and simple solutions, despite any range of requirements and problem complexity. I always keep myself updated with the latest trends and practices so I can manage and utilize my resources to the maximum.


Background   Vector 7@2x

I have been working with web development since 2010, the period during which I have worked in different environments, building high quality, scalable solutions for the web across a wide range of industries, from big consultancy companies to start-ups. I am a self-motivated and self-taught professional who likes to solve any kind problems with effective and reusable solutions.

 I take pride in ensuring I have a complete understanding of the project objectives and take 360 degree view of problems and seek to minimise risks throughout the development process.

Kingdom Goal   Vector 7@2x

It is my goal to help your business grow and be equipped with all the latest tools and equipment to compete in digital world and increase your revenue by building stunning, responsible , progressive and search engine optimized website.
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Tech stacks, Softwares and Skills   Vector 7@2x

  • HTML5 , CSS / SCSS , Javascript,Typescript
  • NodeJs , PHP 
  • C++ , C# , Python
  • Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Aws Cloud Platform
  • TDD, BDD, Unit Testing Methodologies
  • SQL, NoSQL Databases


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